Our clients engage our services to:

  • Communicate clinical data
  • Create tradeshow learning experiences
  • Design new hire training sales training programs
  • Develop a clinical pathway for sales reps and customers to learn how to sell and/or use the company’s product portfolio
  • Effectively communicate sales messaging in a competitive landscape
  • Enhance the effectiveness of classroom training
  • Extend one-time training through custom reinforcement solutions
  • Gamify traditional learning into something your audience will look forward to
  • Enhance medical education programs
  • Transition boring PowerPoint into custom eLearning modules

Our solutions also can be used to:

  • Increase business productivity
  • Enhance performance through professional development
  • Define and meet certification requirements
  • Retain employees


LMS consulting & administration

LMS training iconIt’s difficult for companies to find the right learning management system to house and track training success. Let us help you find the right LMS to fit your unique needs. Don’t have the headcount to manage your LMS; we can take care of that for you. We create the training, upload the activities to your LMS, maintain user access, manage the assignments and make reports available to you.

graphic & web design

graphic design icon“Can you make this look good?” Of course we can! From artsy to corporate, our graphic design expertise enhances the learning experience. It’s Logical services include:

  •  eNewsletters for employees and customers
  • Instructor-led training (agendas, booklets, retention guides, presentations, games, surveys)
  • PowerPoint creation and designed with your company brand standards
  • Flexible sales presentations for iPad delivery that can be customized on-the-fly to your customer's interests
  • Interactive webpage agendas designed to engage your audience during live training events
  • Training event announcements, invitations, brochures
  • Website design and maintenance

assessments, polls & surveys

survey email iconHow are you gaging interest in your training experiences? We develop assessments to analyze your audience’s mastery of a topic. Polling and surveys are excellent options to check the pulse of your audience during live events.

e-learning & employee training

elearning icon Accordingly to Orbis Research, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $275.10 billion by 2022. Key factors favoring market growth include: flexibility in learning, low cost, easy accessibility, increased effectiveness by animated learning. While we know e-learning is a popular training method, it’s important to work with a vendor who can design effective online training. About 70% of our work is spent designing interactive e-learning modules. We can transition  PowerPoint to something AHH-mazing!

games & animation

animation games iconAnimation is a popular educational tool used to explain complex topics in a simple, engaging format. Game-based learning activities present information in a new and engaging format. Designed with the 3 adult learning styles in mind (auditory, visual and kinesthetic), custom games can increase productivity and learning retention.

instructional strategy

assessment iconWhat does your audience need to know? Why? What foundational knowledge of the topic should they know before being able to articulate the sales message?  These are just a few questions we consider when designing a comprehensive training strategy to close your learning gaps. Medical device and healthcare sales training is our sweet spot. Ask us about developing a clinical pathway for your employees or customers.

editorial services

editorial iconWe know the importance of focused messaging when communicating with learners and ensure the messaging, tone and style meets your corporate standards. From job aids to infographics to proofreading to video scripts, we have the creative juices to help you effectively communicate your message.

project management

Knowing who needs to do what and when is at the heart of every service we provide. We're happy to hear our clients say we're good at the "gentle nagging" required to get the job done. It’s Logical project management services include: customer-centric relationship management, effective facilitation and leadership through the five phases of development, experienced working with global teams, manage to project budgets, quality control, timely and proactive communications.

classroom training

“Classroom” training (instructor-led, workshops, mastery clinics, programs, live learning experiences) continue to be an integral part of the learning journey. It’s Logical develops experiential learning opportunities which help facilitators set the stage for successful mastery of content with an adaptable plan to accommodate for the unique learning needs of the audience.